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**12 Month TRT Pellet Program For Men**

Blood work is evaluated before any hormone therapy is to be started. Tailored to your individual needs, our expertly administered TRT Pellet treatments help boost energy, enhance muscle tone, and reignite your drive. Testosterone Pellets are a form of Hormone Replacement Therapy. Testosterone Pellets work by emitting a steady, low level of testosterone over a period of several months. Dr. Beckett will typically implant the pellets under the skin, or subcutaneously, near the hip or on the buttocks. The Pellets should release a steady dose of the hormone for several months following the implantation. After testosterone pellets are placed, patients may notice that they have more energy, have more restorative sleep, and notice an improved sense of well-being. Muscle mass and bone density can increase while fat percentage decreases. Patients may notice increased strength, co-ordination and physical performance. They may see an improvement in skin tone and hair texture. Concentration, focus and memory may improve, as will overall physical and sexual health. Libido and performance are also frequently noted to improve.

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Testosterone Intramuscular Injection Therapy

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** Monthly Program**


Blood work is evaluated before any hormone therapy is to be started. If you opt for Intramuscular Injections, Dr. Beckett will administer the Testosterone treatment directly into the gluteal muscle. Testosterone Injections are one of the most common forms of Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Testosterone Injections increase your testosterone levels. Testosterone is a hormone that your sex organs mainly produce. Restoring testosterone levels to within the normal range by using testosterone replacement therapy can improve many of the effects of hypogonadism. Most importantly, these include beneficial effects on mood, energy levels and patients’ sense of well-being, sexual function, lean body mass, muscle strength, well known to help in libido, body composition, mood, erythropoiesis, and cognition.

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